How to create custom data viewer list?

How to create custom data viewer list? I want to make like the image, but I just want to change the font size of title, subtitle, lorem. Also I want to erase image radius. I want to connect my custom data viewer list to my airtable just like default data viewer list.

Hey @irwin2004,

We’re actually just finishing up testing and documenting this feature :grinning:

Should be available in the coming days!


Approximately when the feature will be release?

We usually roll new features out to our beta testers first and then they go on general release.

Why, when does your app need to be published?

As soon as possible

@irwin2004 are you publishing to iOS or Android?

Have you published any apps before? (i.e are you familiar with how time consuming this is?)

Is this a personal project or are you working for a client?

I haven’t publish any app before
Personal project

Can’t wait to see this!

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I would love to be a beta tester on this !


Maybe I should join this program aha!

I seem to request things from time to time but I’d like to be “helpful” really.
Although a new feature is more work it also makes the platform better, tbh the only two QoL features I want is

  1. Landscape/Tablet platform view

  2. When a screen is set to auto/landscape, to not open upside down. Right-Handed users have the home button on the right and it defaults to the left, thus being upside down. This requires the user to force the device into a portrait view then to the correct landscape perspective.

Back to the topic, I have been updating the cell/source of the Data Viewer and then refreshing, it works so far albeit not a perfect situation.

As I’m typing this I have just realised that all my apps rely on an internet connect to Airtable and I would prefer it to work offline. How do I keep data on a local Db? Hmm