How to Create a To Do List with the New Data Viewer List

In response to the announcement of the new Data Viewer List I wanted a project to try it out. So I thought I would redo my original To Do App tutorial. Here is how it turned out.


Watch the Tutorial Here

Timecodes for every step

00:50 TO DO LIST - Demo
03:00 TO DO LIST - Design
04:00 Data Viewer List - Intro
05:20 data source - Intro
06:30 data source - Edit
07:40 Data Viewer List - Data Bindings
08:55 TO DO LIST - Add
10:00 data source - Create
12:05 TO DO LIST - Edit
17:05 data source - Get
18:35 data source - Update
21:10 TO DO LIST - Mark Completed
21:30 Data Viewer List - Swiping Intro (Left or Right)
24:00 Data Viewer List - List Not Updating Issue
25:55 Data Viewer List - Refresh List Workaround
27:25 TO DO LIST - Validate User Entry
31:45 Wrapping it All Up!

List Screen

List Screen Blocks

Edit Screen

Edit Screen Blocks

Refresh Screen Blocks

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Happy Coding!


As always…
Amazing Tutorial @Darren! :smiley_cat:



Amazing Tutorial @Darren!


This is a really nice tutorial! Thanks for sharing Darren.

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Is it possible to without text input? (I want to use old Data Viewer List with Swipe buttons like a favorites)
I mean with old Data Viewer List to New Data Viewer List with Right or Left Swipe button.

Is it possible to change the colour of the to do and completed text from grey?

Hey @Darren
I made and published this app on play store -:

Give me some feedback

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Maybe, not now

I have a sample app here that shows one way to change text properties @beadle07


great tutorial, how do i update a value with an integer? it seems like it only accepts string.

This does not work

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If that is truly the limitation, you can use the Text join block to transform the number into text.

Hi @Darren or anyone else,
What tool do you use, to show your live app from your device on the screen?
Probably a really simple solution I know, I’m currently testing on my actual device and its a pain flicking between the 2. I’m sure I could google it, but thought it would be quicker just asking the question.