How to create a scheduling time table on thunkable

Hi, I am a student trying to create an appointment app as a learning project to book a doctor’s appointment at a local medical center, I would appreciate your advice on the below queries:

  1. Is thunkable a right tool to build such application?
  2. Does thunkable support Calendar Scheduling function to book an appointment?
  3. How can I set doctors start and end time for different days in a week?
  4. How can I show Doctors available time in blocks of 30 mins and hide / Grayed which are already booked?
    Please check the UI Page attached as a reference:

Thanks in advance,
Neil Malhotra

If you could provide a timetable I could help.

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yes you can build it with thunkable

you can make your own Calendar Functioning

whatever is the start and end time make a variable for it and store it there

whenever someone books an appointment store it in a database (Realtime DB etc.) and see if the time is already there then set the label colour to gray

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Are there any public/example projects of something similar?