Fun Share: free flexible scheduling api and demo app

I wanted to share an API that I created for personal reasons. You can see it in this project. It’s used to generate lists of dates. this would be perfect in any app in which that you need to schedule 2 people together: barber shops/person with long hair, plumbers/homeowner, doctors/patients, therapist/client, etc

I have set up the app for initial testing. The idea would be to save these settings under a user. then, when someone needs to book with that users you would feed their settings + booked event time ranges into the API and it spits out a list of date/times that are within the resources desired hours of availability WIITH booked timeslots filtered out of the list returned to the app.

Note: if the API gets too much traffic, I’ll share the code here for others to fork! :slight_smile:

Project Link

API Docs to use the endpoint

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