How to create a list of stored image files?

I understand how to make a list and use the functions that I want from it in both numerical and string lists, but how can I create a list that stores image files? The green block I am currently using to reassign the Image Component’s picture will not separate from the “set” block, but I need to put these values into lists.

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Easy method: store the images in an Airtable column
Harder method: insert each green photo block into a list

Show a screenshot of the blocks you’re using and I can suggest a modification.

The blocks on the left are my original code that individually assigned each value. I’m trying to convert to parallel lists, but I don’t think that the light green blocks can be incorporated into a list like the two parallel lists I already have.

I’m going to need some context here. Those blocks look painful to me… there has to be an easier way to do whatever you’re trying to do. Can you explain what this app is intended to do and why you have so many else if statements and integer values? Why not just use a data source so you can store everything in a spreadsheet?

That entire screenshot could probably be replaced by a total of five blocks using a data source.

This app takes the results from 5 quiz-like questions that have two answers each and adds either 0 or 1 to a 5-digit variable in different digits places (1s - 10000s) allotted to each question. The goal is to give the user the name of a song along with the corresponding artist, as well as the album cover. The extremely long if/else if block was my initial attempt to match each value, but then I thought to switch to parallel lists as I did with my questions and answers. However, I cannot find a function to store files in lists. I was under the impression that Airtable allowed for the creation of data based on user input, but is it possible to store data there and then call it to display as in a list?

Sure, you can assign the list of values block from the Data Sources drawer to a List Viewer. That will display a column of values as a clickable list.

I really recommend you move your data to a data source. It doesn’t have to be Airtable but if you want to include images and they aren’t stored online already, that might be best.

Thank you so much for the advice!

You’re welcome. Here’s a really basic example of what I mentioned:

(See the first screen with your username in the title.)

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