How to create a entry to store data to show on another screen

Hello everyone. I am trying to work on the next part of my app, but I am clueless on the steps to take.

I want to be able to allow the user to go to a page “Add New Entry”, enter in data (as text input, or by other means -checkbox, choose from list, etc), and add this entry to a storage library of sorts. So there will be multiple entries all gathered in a library. You can then choose an entry from the library and go to the page that has the info for that entry. I hope I explained that well enough.

I have a “Add new entry” page designed, and it would be greatly appreciated if someone could help steer me in the right direction as to how to go about “adding” it to a library (which I assume is a database of some kind, or sheet? This is where I am lost), and being able to call upon that entry later on to see the info.

I am still searching posts for something similar, but have come up empty. Still looking, but hopefully someone can help guide me.

One consideration is which type of cloud storage you will use. Google Sheets and Airtable are easier but all users are editing the same database simultaneously and that can cause problems.

If users are mostly adding data and not editing or removing data, those options are fine.

Otherwise, you’ll probably want to use Firebase, especially if you need a user’s data to be private from other users. Firebase has a big learning curve.

The advantage of Google/Airtable is that you can easily sync it to a Data Viewer List.

I would start with a Google Sheet and see if it fits your needs. You can try out the Data Source blocks such as Create Row and read/watch tutorials.

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I watched the tutorial for Google sheets and tried it, but mine came up blank. I’m sure I’m missing something of the process, but the video is very limited.

For my app, the user adds data to the Add Entry screen, which is then stored. From what I saw in the tutorial, the data has to be put in the sheet first. I can’t get the design and blocks to do this. Can you point me to something that may help?

I would start really simple. What you described above is a complicated set of steps to create all of that in Thunkable. It’s definitely possible to do. But, for example, are you able to have one text input and save that data to a Google Sheet cell? Are you able to do that with two text inputs in a single row? Are you then able to retrieve that data from the row and display it in a label (or two)?

Because if you can’t get that working, it doesn’t make sense to start with something much more complex.*

If the basic data save and retrieve works, post an update about where you’re currently stuck. Be specific! “Mine came up blank” is not enough detail for anyone to know how to help you. Be sure to include a screenshot of your blocks or a link to your project.

*But if you want complexity now, do a Google search for Google Sheets Thunkable. The first two results in the Videos tab look like a good resource to learn from.

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:
I am learning as I go, so I wasn’t sure where to start. I am trying to get one element to work, and then move on to the next. I am just stuck on where to start; knowing I need to use data source blocks helps, but not as much as knowing what I need to do with them. If I can get one to work, I’ll post the project where I’m currently stuck at.

(As for the previous comment of coming up blank, that’s all it was. Nothing showed at all. BUT, I now have it showing the entry that was loaded into the sheet)

Thanks for the guidance :slight_smile:

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