How to input data in spreadsheet for logged in user

HelIo ! I am a beginner Thunkable user.I have made a to-do app. But there is a problem if I enter the data, it will appear to other users. So what should I do so that each data is entered only for one user and the data is stored in one spread sheet. I hope you guys can help me to solve this issue, my teacher want to check this things next week :frowning:

This is my coding blocks.

And here is the sheets that the data should be input.

If you want each user to have data in a separate location, you have three main choices:

  1. Use a local data source. Each user’s data is saved to their device. No other users can access that data. No one can access that data from the cloud.

  2. Use Google Sheets or Airtable but make sure each user’s data is in a single row with a unique column value (such as email address). Only store data for each user in their specific row. This is a bit harder to code than #1.

  3. Use Firebase. Each user’s data can be securely stored in a separate path based on their user id which is generated using the Thunkable Sign In blocks. This is significantly harder to code than #2. Expect to spend a lot of time getting this to work well.

Can you please show me how to code so that the data will be inserted in “Task 1” and also can be deleted? Please sir I try so many times but still cannot make it.

If you are having difficulty and can’t get help from your teacher, I would recommend switching to a local data source and after you update your project and blocks, posting a link to your project. Someone here may be able to help you with the next steps.

But how to store that To-Do list data in logged in user account?

I already told you how above.