How to copy block code already made in other app and use it in our app?

hi, I want to copy the code for drop down menu and use it for my app . while I am trying to copy and use it I am unable to do it , any body know how to do this, please help.

Is this “code” from someone else’s Thunkable project? Or are you referring to bringing in actual code and translate it into Thunkable “code?”

This is not possible. You can copy blocks from one screen to another screen inside a single project, however.


if I am trying to set a drop down button I need to write a whole block code , this gonna take me ages while somebody made it already so why cant I use it in my project?

At this time, it’s simply not possible to copy blocks between projects. With a business account, you can import saved screens and that’s a handy feature but it’s still not the same as what you’re asking to do. The feature that you’re asking for is simply unavailable on Thunkable at this time.

While this platform may carry the moniker of nocode You still need to have a basic understanding of coding concepts in order to build a component like a drop-down menu. Most of the time, rebuilding the blocks would be a good learning exercise for you to become better acquainted with the Thunkable platform and block flows.

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