Adding code from one screen to another

I have a student who wants to get some code from Screen 5 (Button 30) and include it on Screen 2. Ultimately, what she wants is on Screen 2 she wants to be able to click “Math Problem” which then takes her to Screen 5. Then, she wants the Task 1 button to change to “Math Problem”. Here’s her project

You can click on a block or set of blocks (e.g. an event block) and copy it (Edit–>Copy) as you would text. Then go to the other screen, click anywhere (not sure if that’s necessary) and paste it (Edit–>Paste).

One caution: avoid copying and pasting variable initialization blocks. It can ruin a project to have duplicate initialize blocks! If you plan to copy & paste code, consider having a single screen in the project for ALL initialize blocks.

If I understand,

On Screen 2, Clicking Math Problem → Screen 5 and change Task 1 button to read “Math Problem”.

So, on Screen 2 -

2024-01-23 15 45 03

and on screen 5

2024-01-23 15 45 20

For readability and ease of troubleshooting, you should encourage your students to take the time to name the buttons.