How to completely overlay a column on another?

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I have one column (height - fill parent), which would load contents inside it from Airtable - definitely they will take some amount of time, so I want to display a loading icon there.
Rather than showing it below/above the column, I would like to overlay the main column with another column, and the another column would have some transparent value of white, so user can see what’s happening behind too.

And when the whole thing loads, I would hide the overlaying column. Is this possible?
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you could use absolute positioning with a z-index of 0. but i know you asked about this earlier. would you like an example?

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Thanks, @jared! :smiley_cat:

I would love to have an example representing my problem :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks! :blush:

Here is an example. If you would like me to walk through the steps, I can do that sometime tomorrow. Otherwise, it’s a blog post that will be up in the next week or two :slight_smile:


In this example, the logo at the top is actually a button positioned in a row. With another row positioned on top of that. Those rows are fixed at the top of the screen and everything else flows under them as the screen fills with up to 5 charts.


Thank you Jared! I used the Z-Index without required result and your illustration of the absolute positioning addressed my requirement perfectly!

Hey, can you send this project again? I can’t open the example :slight_smile:
Thanks, Chriegel