Photo with text overlay

I think this should be pretty easy to do but I haven’t had much luck with z-value positioning.

Does anyone have a demo of how to overlay text on top of an image in the legacy interface?

Something like this:

Ideally, I want to overlay a button on top of a photo.

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Yes. Will mock something up later if you need but short answer:

Make the top thing absolute positioning and high Z level. (Find in advanced properties.)

Thanks. I’ll try that.

Here’s my latest attempt: Thunkable

Edit: Oh, I think that did it @catsarisky.

A little better: Thunkable

Woo! Got it:

I had to adjust the ZIndex and EdgeOffsets in the Advanced properties of the button (magnifying glass):


There ya go!

Those edge offsets are relative to the container they’re in, so you can get clever with putting things in the same container as well. That’s how I got Poodles to Paris to overlay all those labels and images.

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I did figure that out but it took a moment. I’m surprised I needed a negative value for the bottom property. I would have thought it works more like the padding property.

Interesting - that doesn’t match my memory from using it a couple weeks ago…

Oh, it works the same with a positive number. I probably shouldn’t be using negative numbers there. :slight_smile:

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