How can I layer an image on top of another?

How can I layer two .pngs on top of eachother and then save the file


Use the layout colum. Simply Just drag the two pro layout images

Im making an app where I want the user to upload a picture and then the app will overlay another picture on top. Any api you know of?

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I'm afraid you're trying to make an image-editing application? Or is it style a social network where people post photos anonymously ?None of the options need an API, thunkable itself makes it possible for us.

I just need to overlay an image on top of another image

Use a layout

You can’t overlap images in layout

In the layout you can overlap both images and components.

oh ok, how do i save the image @actech

To save the image, you can make a screenshot of the screen.

In Thunkable X, you can not edit or save images. Therefore, to create a composition of images, you need to look for online services for working with images. For example:

Also you can see the frameworks for working with images.

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Using Z Index (under Advanced - Positioning) worked for me; set the first image Z Index to say, 10, and the one that should appear on top of that to 100.

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How do you overlap images?
I cant seem to do it.

How do you change the z index?

in the ‘Advanced’ properties tab of the component, under ‘Positioning’.

If you use the new drag and drop designer you can simply drag the components on top of one another. Changing the order in the list on the left hand side will change which control is on top and which is underneath

You can try using a stored variable to save the URL of the image.