How do I print an image on text?

I tried to place the image on the label like the attached picture below, but I couldn’t.
Is there a possible way?

Hey @mom7667yafy

You can use a row/col with a label in it.

Simply set the backgroundImage property of the row/col and you’re good to go.

I want to implement it like the attached video.

If I get the correct answer, the green circle is overlapped at the top of the screen.

How can I implement this?

Is your answer related to this?

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If You want to ‘overlay’ or ‘superimpose’ 1 component on top of another, this will be helpful

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How can I do it like the picture below?

If I get the correct answer, I want the green circle to be printed at the top of the screen.

I have an existing job at the bottom and need to print it overlaid on top.

@mom7667yafy moving this here, since they both seem to be about the same thing.

Pretty simple! Just adjust the margins. For your project I think the bottom margin of your Label should be -40 or so.
Hope it helps,
Kaustubh Maladkar