Is there any way to get the loading icon to appear on top of the existing page content?

I am trying to use the loading icon on my screen which has a bargraph on it.

(It doesn’t look this squashed up on the phone)

When I refresh the bar data I would like to display the loading icon over the whole thing but I only seem to be able to get it to appear in one of the narrow columns.

Any ideas?

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You can change the order of items on the side bar (see the image). Just drag the loading icon to the top. Components higher up on the list will be shown on top of components below them.Screenshot 2021-04-23 151558

Hope this helps!

@cyberdriver thanks for getting back to me. Unfortunately, when I said “on top of” I meant in the z plane.

I want it to partially cover the graph bars while it is updating them, like this:

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Yes. Try what I said in my previous post. It is for putting items above others, or as you said, moving them on the z-axis

Btw, this is if you are using the new UI. If you are on the legacy UI, then it is the opposite - drag the loading icon to the bottom of the components on the screen. Sorry for the confusion; posting more screenshots shortly.

Hi @thunkablest5dru,

Notice that in the list, the loading icon is above the button, and it is not visible.

In this image the loading icon is below the button and the loading icon is visible.

I hope this is less confusing!

It doesn’t want to overlay it which ever end I put it :frowning:

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Oh, I see the issue now.

Did you try setting an absolute value for the positioning for the loading icon?

Sorry about that. I guess I didn’t quite understand you question at first.

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If you set any object in the screen with absolute position then the visible property will not work. You cannot hide it. This is a known bug.

How are these charts made?

I have created a series of columns each with two images inside. I set the height of the image to the size of the graph I want to display and 0 if I don’t want to show that colour. Orange always shows on top of Green.


That’s a neat solution! Have you considered incorporating c3 or ChartJS or quickchart to have a more customizable/flexible charting solution

@jared I’ve never heard of them :crazy_face: . I’ll have a look but not sure how to incorporate them in a thunkable app.

Wow, that’s really cool! Did you figure out the loading icon issue?

@cyberdriver unfortunately not :frowning:. I may come back to it later.

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I may give that a try. It also might work with the loading icon.

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