How to append data on screen

I am new here. I am trying to add the data from Screen 1 continuously to the Description Section on Screen 2 as the data is changed. Wanting it to look similar to screen 3
Apologies if I haven’t explained myself very well, not sure how to describe.

Thank you

Why can’t you just do the same thing on screen 2 that you did on screen 3?

It looks like you’re using a Data Viewer List on screen 3. If so, you should be storing that data in a data source that would also be accessible from screen 2 for a Data Viewer List there.

If that’s not how you have it set up, share a link to your project or at least screenshots of your blocks.

Screen 3 is from a different app that is not mine. I am trying to create something similar.
Here are the blocks from Screen 1 & 2

Be careful doing this:

The navigate block will fire before the create row block finishes. You should put the navigate block in the “do” section of the create row block to avoid this problem.

You need to have values for those columns in the screenshot such as “ServiceID value.” Right now, they are blank because no blocks are attached.

Thank you Tatiang, I will correct that. I know that will add the new data to the data source, but how do I add the info from screen 1 to screen 2 when clicking the “add to estimate button” in a list. I am not looking to view all data here just what is input on screen 1

Thank you

I am still unable to append data to a screen. I have the screens attached below.
Screen1 is the input screen, screen2 is where I want to append data. I’m not sure what to use i.e. simple list data viewer etc. Right now if I click the add to estimate button a 2nd time it just replaces what is there already. I hope I am explaining myself ok here, I am very new to this.
I also attached the blocks for each of the pages that I have so far.

It’s not clear to me how you’re setting the value of those variables. If you don’t change the variables storing those objects, then getting the properties from them won’t be any different from the first time you check them.

Can you post a link to your project?

Sure. Here you go

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