Creating a New list from data present on another screen

So I was working on one of my projects, and I got stuck.
As you can see, I have 4 text inputs and 3 possible cases that can be added.

So my block is somewhat like this -
But, i can’t understand how to get this data, to be shown on a list viewer, present on the next screen.

Please help. project

I believe you need to create yourself a table with a data source

you have multiple way to call back your data.

  1. you can use store variable
    2)you can use cloud db such airtable or spreadsheet.
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Thanks @maxdeca390i and @ozel1978.

I created an archive with data viewer lists in this way, with also a history with date, time and year, see the link, if you want try to take a look if it can be useful

Thanks for the example :slight_smile: