How to add specific items to a list

hello i need help please how can i add items to a list according to their id?

in a nutshell I want to add all items that have the same id to a list

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Try this sample app


Thanks for replying munner
I just learned something new, didn’t know I could make an itemTick ✦, great.

here I made you a more complete scheme
How can I access all the products that have the same identification?
I need to do it this way as it is done in mysql because I have all the products mixed and I want to access all the products that have their corresponding id.
if I click on the kids category, I want a list of all kids products to be created


See my other sample app
It works on a similar concept

I have updated the example I made for your case. Now it has two screens. Check screen 2


Yes, munner, thank you very much, this was what I was looking for, now I’m going to practice. Thank you

hello munner again, I did the tests and it works perfectly, you would help me a lot to carry out the same process but without using get row object from. what I am looking for the most is to do the same but with variables without using get row object from

for example instead of using those blocks, what I want to do is use variables
Can it be done using only variables, without using those blocks?

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Yes, sure. You can do all this programmatically. See screen 3 in this app which is using a list of objects.


great excellent, thank you very much :open_mouth: :+1: :+1: :clap: :clap: :clap:

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hello munner again.
The examples you gave me were very helpful.
now I have to solve the last step, I have an ecxel with all the products with their corresponding id, the problem is how can I concatenate with each corresponding photo, since there are many products.

there are about 7000 thousand products, and the function you gave me works perfectly, I only have to upload the images of each product in one go. this client has many products that he updates daily. and what he wants is to import the ecxel that he obtains from his program and with that update the products.
is there any way to concatenate the images with each product, in one go?


I didn’t understand your question here.

You are talking about Excel which is not supported by Thunkable.
Is your user willing to convert it to Google Sheet?

Is the structure of the sheet static. Only the data is updated?
Is the new sheet comes with only new products listed?

Basically, I can go on and on asking questions because you actually want to import data from one source to the other and this requires an outside procedure to go along with the app.

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of course the google sheet is used, and the new spreadsheet is the same one that is used only with updated prices and items. what I have to do is attach the images of each product.
the structure is static only the products are updated.
The new sheet comes all assembled and listed as you assembled me in the example, only it does not have images

Is your user willing to convert it to Google Sheet?

Is the structure of the sheet static . Only the data is updated?
if only the data is updated

Is the new sheet comes with only new products listed?
if the new sheet comes with new products listed

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I don’t see any image URLs in the screen shots you provided and not enough information about these tables to give you a specific advice.

In any way, You will need to try to go though a process of some kind and see what comes up.

Thunkable will read the data if it is available in the sheet connected to Thunkable but, in the other hand, Thunkable will not know of any new columns added or new sheets attached to the main Google file.

You will need to try few things and see how it works.

no, unfortunately there is no URL for every product, and I have to figure out how to concatenate all the images I have in a folder for each product, I have an idea, I’m going to try it. I’ll let you know and thanks for your help munner, thank you very much :+1: :+1: :clap: :clap: :clap:

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hello again munner, I finally managed to upload all the images at once along with their name.

now if I can carry out the project.
there is a problem, that it is too slow to generate the product list
here is the project with some products

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I’m away from my computer now therefore will not be able to see the project.

Anyway, when you share a Thunkable project, the shared one will not provide access to the data sheets. Thunkable is doing this as data protection. This means I will not have access to your Google sheet data.

The tables in the project will be automatically converted to local tables.

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Base airtable

airtable will be the database because it allows me to load the products and images en masse

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The same problem when you share a project whether your data sheet is Google sheet or Airtable. The one copying your project from the share link you provided will not have access to your tables.

Another problem with Airtable is the limit of number of records in the free package. Google sheet allows over 5 million but Airtable free package is limited to 1200 rows or 2GB of space.

Of course, I know that, the solution is to pay for the largest database of 24 dollars a month.

I am going to use airtable because it allows me to drag and drop all the images, and concatenate the images with each product.

the problem is that the app takes a long time to filter the information

does not let you enter the table? this link is an invitation

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Can you explain what you want and what tables/columns you want to concatenate together?