How to add specific items to a list

Hi Munner, sorry for the delay, I was trying to make the function you showed me faster, to filter the data.

but now it stopped working I don’t know what happened, when I test on my phone it doesn’t filter the products

I did a test creating a project from scratch and it only worked 3 times and then it didn’t work anymore

here is the project that I created to test and it seems that thunkable is with problems

Anyway, what I want is to be able to filter the elements by ID as you did in the demo but make it faster, because it takes a long time to filter the elements by id when there are many products

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Let me show you a different way but I need to let me know which Airtable table you want to filter.

Please give me the following info from the Airtable link you shared

  • The table that has the IDs you want the user to select from.
  • The table that has the products that you want to show with only selected ID.

I will then create an app that does this and hopefully in a faster way.

thank you very much munner.

this section would be the first thing that would appear in the application

when I click on any section, it would take me to the subcategory according to its id


then when we click on the subcategory I would create the list of products according to their id

and this is what would remain, categories, subcategories, list of products

The demo you had put together I understood perfectly, only it was very slow to filter the data.
if you have to modify any data in airtable, do it freely

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Hi Munner, how are you?
I have tried to make it faster to create the list of products according to their id but I have not succeeded.
Have you been able to do any tests to speed up the process, to create a list with their identification?.
Look here I leave you a video where you can see how it takes to generate the list according to its id

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I’m testing a different way that would not need a local table to delete and write into and should make things much faster. Will update you with my tests.

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thank you very much munner :open_mouth: :clap: :clap: :smiley: :smiley:

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Hello @Vaiper_watafai

As promised, see this project

It asks to specify a category then a subcategory (it is not clear to me how to select a subcategory from a category) then you have two buttons Show selected and Show all.

check both buttons and let me know the speed of the filtering process. This process does not use local tables.


Thank you very much munner, I just tried and it’s very fast this is extraordinary.
As for the subcategory, don’t worry, I’m going to skip that function, I just need to do the same as you.
I have to do the same but with the data viewer.

I have to do like the demo recently that you gave me, but with the data viewer
in short this would be the end result

Let’s see if it will be fast with the data viewer.

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The way I programed it should give very fast result.

For the first image, as you know when you copy the project you need to reconnect the tables of Airtable again.

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sorry i didn’t connect the database. the database was made local :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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Hello Munner, now I tried the demonstration you gave me, it is fast when accessing the categories, only when I click on the button to see the filtered products, nothing happens

Look here I found and made an example, as is what I need and it works fast and creates the list according to the id

unfortunately I think thunkable doesn’t have the compare text block, and I don’t know how to make those blocks, but in thunkable

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This is the block to compare text

The project I designed compares the code and filter based on that.

In the data viewer look at the ID field and see that it all has the same ID.

The only problem in the code is that it assumes the ID is text and compares it as text. If the column ID is number in your table then you need to change the consition.

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muneer, I finally got it now if it works well and fast, thank you very much for the help you are giving me

this is the logic I applied

Good that this is solved but the blocks you are showing is not Thunkable X.

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exactly those blocks are not thunkable, that’s the logic I used these are the blocks