How to add polylines and waypoints to my Google Map

Hi, a while back I created a Google Map complete with waypoints and polylines. (See image below).

This map displays some of the Upper Airways over the UK.

On the Airways Screen of my app, I have so far created just user location labels (see 2 images below)

Device Screen


On the design screen (AirwScreen) I have inserted a map component (Map1) when I run the Live Test from my device none of the waypoints and polylines are displayed. (Above image).

I have entered my Google Map API into the app (See below)

But there still are polylines or waypoints not showing. (Below)

I also have a Google Sheet containing all the coordinates for each waypoint which makes up each of the Upper Airways (see below)

Okay, now the questions:

1) How do I get my airways to display on the “Map1”. ?

2) Which data do I need to make this happen?

3) If any, what components am I missing to make this happen?

4) How do I associate each of the waypoint coordinates to Map1?

5) How do I get the relevant polylines to connect to the relevant waypoints and set colours their colours.

I do understand that there is a way to design the waypoints which would be useful for the user to recognise the different types of waypoints but I suspect that can be done after the complicated stuff has been done.

6) Does anyone have a solution for this?

I found a link which might have helped but it doesn’t appear to be working. (Link below):

I also wish to make the map interactive for the user to be able to select an airway or waypoint from the Google side menu ( or some sort of menu) upon clicking on there selection, it will highlight either the airway or the waypoint selected, on the map.

Also, if the user clicks on a waypoint or airway on the map an information pop-up will appear (The information will come from the Source Google Sheet).

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