Unable to get Polyline in Maps

Hey Thunkers,
I am unable to generate a polyline in my maps. I followed the documentation but unable to find the specific blocks. I am trying to make a UBER clone. Does anyone know about it.? Waiting for your feedback.

Hey @thomas.jacob2012x :wave:

This sounds like a cool - albeit complex - app. Have you made any other apps with Thunkable yet?

Can you share a screenshot of the blocks you are using at the moment to try do this please?


Thank you for your feedback. I have made more 3 Apps in thunkable. I don’t have much good background in Computer Science since i am an electrical engineer. So passion makes a person to learn new things.

I am hereby sharing the screen shot used for making those

You may check for an app named Marian which is fully working with any problem made for my college students.

i have this small example that plots 3 points on the map with markers, then joins them using polyline. also included is a way to detect which marker is pressed and what to do after that.