Help me with the Map please

Hello community!
This is my first comment and I would like you to help me know if it is possible to mark a start and finish point on a map.
I appreciate your attention and response.

Hey!! Welcome to Thunkable!

It is possible to mark a start and finish point in an app. However if you want to get the blue line you often see in Google Maps, Waze, etc. You need to use an API ( Here or Google Maps). How it works, you need to provide a starting point (lat, long) and a destination point (lat, long). The API will provide you with directions and a polyline.

This polyline is a series of lat and long coordinates that make up the actual line you see in a map. On Thunkable’s component, you can trace a line with coordinates. :slight_smile:

Let me know if you need any more help or guidance! Look for the ‘Here API’ or ‘Google Map API’ documentation so you see what I mean by the polyline and all :smiley:

Welcome!! :slight_smile:


Hello Sofia! Thanks for the reply :blush:
Please could you tell me where I place “Here API” or “Google Map API” so I can read the instructions and add it to my thunkable app block. :raised_hands:

Sure here are the links:

Here API Docs

Google Directions API

Here is an example of a request using the Here APi :slight_smile:

The components you need in Thunkable are Web API and the Map :slight_smile: