Add Custom Markers and Polylines to your Google Maps Apps (Latest Thunkable Release)



Hey Thunkers!

Earlier this year, we asked you what features you wanted us to add on thunkable this year. Based on your feedback, today, we are excited to release some long-anticipated features for Google Maps that we hope will help you invent even more powerful mapping apps on thunkable like some of the sample ones you see below.

*** Add Custom Markers**
*** Add Polylines**
*** Add Zoom, Rotation and Tilt control**
*** Updated Documentation**

Happy app-ing,
Albert on behalf of the #thunkables

PS All of the source code for the apps you see below is available for you to use and remix into even better apps. Just click to remix.

① Opening a map, auto-centered on your location with a custom marker and label
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② Auto-sharing your location live with Firebase
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③ Adding polylines with Spreadsheets
Click to remix

Spreadsheet powered by Cloudstitch

Customized Google Maps
Draw lines and routes with the GoogleMap component
Bookmarks - Maps component

Fantastic!!! Good job!!!


Very nice!. I love it. Thank you. :heart_eyes:


Thanks looks awesome.


Pics not showing


I have been searching throughout the forum for solution to add multiple markers on map with cloudstitch spreadsheet and not just adding polylines but markers


what is the basic concept of this data base.