How the GPS and local storage component works in Mobile Web app version?

I have created an app in thunkable X which uses the GPS component. It also stores some data in local storage, during the first run. It’s working well in Android and iOS. I want to create a Mobile Web App(MWA) version of the same.
Presently, I don’t have the PRO membership and I cannot test out the functionality myself. These are my queries:

  1. Once a user clicks on the MWA link for the first time, I assume the GPS permission request will be triggered. Will this permission be asked every time the user clicks the link, in future, from the same browser?
  2. Additionally, as I mentioned, the app asks and stores some basic data such as the name, on its first run. On later uses, the data is called from the local storage.
    However, in the MWA version, will it work in the same way, or the options for entering these data will has to be shown every time the user clicks the link?

I am willing to take the PRO membership if the above features are working well in the MWA. Sadly there is no way to test it out before buying!

Can anyone answer this? Thank you