GPS navigation offline

Hello everyone,

I am new to thunkable so I appreciate an advise of capabilities for my project. I need to develop a mobile app with gps navigation capabilities that work offline. What I need is to upload few gpx routes and when the user enteres the map screen to pin point his location towards the routes so he can navigate through the route. Is that possible with thunkable?


Sounds complicated!

I know very little about GPX routes (except what I just Googled) but it looks like the standard format is xml. You can parse xml manually in Thunkable but if you can convert the GPX data to JSON – for example, allows downloads in JSON Track format and also has a converter for other formats – then you can manipulate that data however you want in Thunkable relatively easily.

I’m not sure how you would do that. Thunkable has a location sensor but I’m fairly certain it requires an online connection.

There’s no built-in navigation system in Thunkable. You’d have to code it using the Thunkable blocks. I can’t even begin to imagine how to do that but I’m sure algorithms exist that you could follow.