Request for Guidance : google maps and notification

I am interested in developing a Thunkable app that involves using Google Maps and location-based features, and would appreciate your guidance and expertise in this area.

I have two specific questions that I would like to seek your advice on:

  1. Can we provide similar functionality as Google Maps, such as providing an address and finding the shortest path by car, updating traffic details, and re-mapping if the user takes the wrong route, in our Thunkable app? Are these functionalities provided by Google APIs that we can implement in our app?
  2. Is it possible to send a notification to the user once they reach their destination using Google Maps (not our app), to encourage them to use our app to log some input or perform some action? If so, what would be the best approach to achieve this?

I would greatly appreciate any insights, recommendations, or resources you can provide on these topics. I am willing to pay a reasonable fee for your time and expertise in guiding me through these challenges.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

  1. Yes. These are things you can incorporate using Google Maps APIs. What you’re describing is quite challenging to do in Thunkable but definitely possible. Another option is to use a Webviewer and access Google Maps itself. But then you have no control over anything the user does.

  2. I don’t think you can determine when the user reaches their destination. But I could be wrong… there might be an API command for that.

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