Waze like functionality for a trade fair app

I am new to thunkable and arrived here looking for a fast/simpler way to develop a mobile app for a trade fair.However the most complicated part of the project is finding a way to create waze like functionality so the visitor can find the location of certain exhibitor, so I was wondering if someone here has done this before.

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“Waze like functionality” makes me think you want to include driving directions and social features. Or are you just wanting to display locations on a map?

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Not driving, but maybe walking directions

You should be able to do this with the Google Directions API. But it’s not a fast/simple process to integrate that in Thunkable. The first API I tried to integrate into Thunkable took me about ten hours to understand and get working. But if you are familiar with JSON or APIs already, it might take you less time.

Once you have successfully accessed the API from Thunkable, you might find this topic interesting:

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