How I can Get Filtered Rows

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I have google table like a data base. And I need recieve list of filtered records for one condition like a equal in one of cell. This records need show in list on screen. How it work? I use this block and I’m can not solve this task.

google table

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Are you wanting to get one row or multiple rows that match? Do you need a single cell value as a result or a full row (or multiple rows)? In your example, the next row matches as well. If you need multiple, then you need to do a loop to find all matching cells.

This is easier to do with Airtable’s filterByFormula but if you must use Google Sheets, then that’s not an option.

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I need multiple rows that match / multiple rows…

Thank you for you help, tatiang

This will loop through a single column looking for a matching string. When the string is found, it will add that row to a list. When the search loop is complete, it will display the value of the first matching row’s “Fruit” column value.

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How I can solved my task with Airtable’s filterByFormula? Please, show example for recive full row from data-base (airTable) and multiple rows.


This block not sotrted, but show all rows from data base. Do you see mistake…?
And one more. If I use NOT EQVAL - result is same…


Here is an example of how to use filterByFormula: The AirTable API (a more efficient way to integrate AirTable with Thunkable) - #22 by jared

I’m not sure why your blocks are not working but I can tell you that you should avoid using a [gear list] block unless you are initializing or setting a variable. So where you have in list [gear list [app variable Nomer_z] get #1, you need to remove that block.

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