filterByFormula via AirtableAPI

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I am trying to retrieve information from 2 different table via filterByFormula, what happens is it gives the right information for the first time , later the datasource blocks automatically updates to the last search i.e recordid and index.

Sharing the blocks :


Another table:


A & B- are the one where the record id and index gets changed as per the last search though different variables are used to store.

Can’t we use two Airtable API in one app ? Also can we use And & or operator in filterByFormula?

Your valuable assitants and input is highly appreciable.

Sasi Preetha

Yes, you can use AND and OR in filterbyformula. See this: The AirTable API (a more efficient way to integrate AirTable with Thunkable) - #22 by jared. And you should be able to access multiple tables using the Airtable API.

The get value blocks sometimes do not return updated values. Are you having a problem with the API not returning the correct values or with the data source blocks not returning the correct values?

Are you app variable featurerecordid1 list items row ids for Airtable? Because typically, you would use an integer for the row id. See this: I want to search in DataSources and get the column ID - #2 by tatiang

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Thank you for your response. Probem with Data source .

app variable featurerecordid1 list gets the row id .

I used 2 table. for one table I used list as recordidloca2 to get the row id and for the second table I used list as featurerecordid1 to get the row id .

Then to retrieve the full details of that row I passed listviewer index .

Actually what happens is though I use 2 different list names and 2 different index the variable name automatically gets updated with the same name which is strange.

Sharing my project link.

Will try And and or suggested bt Jared and share my input.

Via Or in filterbyformula worked.

sharing the blocks.

Thank you so much for your assistance.


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