How do we use the speech recognizer in the new UI?

Happy Thunkable new year :wink:
Screenshot 2021-01-02 at 00.42.32

So I was just trying out sound recording and speech recognition in the new UI, there are some good news for us, non-native English speakers - new speech recognition languages, which is just awesome.
But there’s only one block for speech recognition and it is unclear how it should be used.
Previous method (partial listening and entire phrase as a function block, screenshot) was just perfect. Can you please keep it as it was, and just add new languages ?

Screenshot 2021-01-02 at 00.35.39

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@neuheisser Try this:

On a mobile device, tap the button and say something in French such as “bonjour” (or another language if you prefer).

Well I tried many times, and it kind of worked only once… recognized 2 words out of the entire sequence.
Old version works every time, no matter how much you talk.

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I did a bit more testing and had the same experience of it not working well. :frowning: One suggestion is to right-click on the speech recognition & translation blocks and switch to the advanced block versions to then be able to use the green error blocks (assign these to a label).

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Really nice trick with advanced blocks, but it works the same as the regular one… Bad :frowning:
@domhnallohanlon, please take a look