How do i can get this photo from firebase



Please someone know how do i can get this foto from firebase…???

thank you


You need to use firebase storage or cloudinary to store your media assets. The firebase you are using is text only.


hummmm thank you…


Man i modify my code, i just want to get only one item of a SubList on my Firebase DB

I did this code

This code show me 3 itens list of my firebase
Usuario - URL FOTO - Email

I just want only one Item



I removed the localid4- ----- it was just a test…
If you know say me how i can show only one item.
thank you.


You can try this.



man, i found, see the code


Now the code return me , only one…

at this form (Tipo_Usuario Usuario) “exemple”
Do you know how i can remove (Tipo_Usuario and the last parentheses )



You are not using the block I said. It will return the pair after the tag.


i dont know use this block


may you show me how i can use ?