How do i can get this photo from firebase

Please someone know how do i can get this foto from firebase…???

thank you

You need to use firebase storage or cloudinary to store your media assets. The firebase you are using is text only.

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hummmm thank you…

Man i modify my code, i just want to get only one item of a SubList on my Firebase DB

I did this code

This code show me 3 itens list of my firebase
Usuario - URL FOTO - Email

I just want only one Item


I removed the localid4- ----- it was just a test…
If you know say me how i can show only one item.
thank you.

You can try this.


man, i found, see the code


Now the code return me , only one…

at this form (Tipo_Usuario Usuario) “exemple”
Do you know how i can remove (Tipo_Usuario and the last parentheses )


You are not using the block I said. It will return the pair after the tag.

i dont know use this block

may you show me how i can use ?