Need Help Using Firebase Photo Storage

i made a test app to play with camera component everything works except the result i cant see image its a link


I recommend uploading the photo to cloudinary as it is better suited for something like this, then setting the key Photo to the link that cloudinary returns for uploading a photo.

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can you make a test app for me and show me that would help me alot firebase is not my thing

i tried to put green “PHOTO” in key and storage link in input but no luck

Go to Cloudinary’s website.
Sign up.
Add the Media DB component to your project.
Click on it and fill in its parameters, you can find all these in the dashboard in Cloudinary.
Now add the block call upload.
Set the input as the green photo block from camera module.
The upload block will return a green link block.
Drag the green link block into the firebase value and name the tag as Photo

To retrieve the link and set it to a photo, you simply set photo to firebase tag Photo.

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it goes to cloudinary but not firebase ;/

Are your firebase rules set to allow writing?

yes both are true

i was wondering if cloudinary was private and i found ’ In default, Cloudinary allows generating random image IDs (URLs) for uploaded photos or setting your own image ID. Since the URL is impossible to guess, it will only be available publicly if the owner of the image can access his image’s URL and share it with others. This is a common practice (it’s the same way Facebook hosts your images) and is available to all plans.’’ does this mean unless i give users their url or any one the url no one can see it? unlike firebase where anyone can enter if this is correct ill stick to cloudinary

I am unsure what you mean by that. But the best option is to stick with Cloudinary. It gives you more freedom with what to do with the image etc. You can do some pretty darn cool stuff with it.

Check out the docs on Firebase and Cloudinary.

Make a post about that in the community

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