How can I view the most recent image in my firebase to my thunkable app?

I have been searching the forums and I was not able to find any sort of solution to my problem. Is there any way to view the most recent image in my firebase storage/database to my application in thunkable? I have tried this and it still does not work.


Firebase as far as I know doesn’t do any sorting automatically, except for the name of each node. So you can either name your nodes with the date and time in a way that auto-sorts the entries or you can include a key:value pair that you can use as a sort term such as dateTime:2008-03-09T16:05:07. But then you’d need to do the sorting in Thunkable using a loop. What about just saving the path (cloud variable “_____”) to the last image when you upload it? And then you can put that in a stored variable and recall it when needed? That’s easiest if you truly only need the most recent image stored in Firebase.

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