How can I bring in all rows from airtable?

I’m making this app where you can look up error codes but when i import my database from airtable it only imports 100 rows?

Freek Apeldoorn

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What do you mean by import?

How are you showing your table in the app?

Where exactly in the app you are getting the 100 rows? Is it in the project preview in the computer or using the Thunkable app in the phone?

i have a section in my APP has 225 rows using airtable so, it does not cut off at 100 if your on free plan it can go up 1200 i think

With import i mean when i add it as a data source

It has around 1400 lines row on airtable so i don’t understand why it only shows 100 here

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This screen only shows sample content. It is not designed to show you all rows. You will see all rows when you display it in your app. Ex. using DVL (Data Viewer List).

Ahhhh, okay!
I tought it was just not getting them :sweat_smile:

Sorry for the time u wasted!

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You’re welcome.

Happy Thunking!

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