[Solved] Does Airtable and Google sheets only load 100 rows during a sync?


It’s happening again: databases in Airtable or Google sheets only load 100 rows… Is it just my case?

Hey @similar2similar

I am looking into this and wondering if it’s an upper limit that can be changed. I’ll come back to this in a bit. Does this happen all the time? Did it ever work for you?

I used to have my databases in thunkable, but now that I’m (hopefully) finishing the app, I wanted to put those databases in safer places than the app itself, and to lighten it up a bit too. Yesterday I did it and from Thunkable I saw them with all their content, but today, I find this behavior that makes me fear for my app…
Some of my databases have several thousand rows, so… Please, I need a real long-term solution. Thank you.

I don’t know if it makes sense to you, but as I’m testing one of the parts of the app, I see that it doesn’t always put the text on the screen, only sometimes, although it does reproduce the sound of the 3 Text to Speech that I use …and when I repeat it, I realize, because it gives me no sound, that it has deleted from the correspondent rows in the first column of the Airtable database (from where I am using my DB in this case) each of the words that I have been using…

To be clear here, are you trying to sync from Google to app or Airtable to app?

if it is google/airtable to app, I understand you only see 100 rows in the table view in the design screen. When you test the app, are you able to access more than 100 rows of data?

You should be able to access the data though it doesn’t appear in the design screen.

Yes,I can only see 100, but I get more rows… Thanks!

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But it goes on deleting the rows in airtable …

Are you indicating that when you sync the data, it deletes data from your airtable?

Yes, exactly that. I have done it three times, and now I have thre words left.

You’ll need to show your blocks. We can’t delete data with a “get data” call

Here you are. These are the blocks of the page that is having a problematic behaviour I don’t understand

or maybe you need any other way to access this…

Fortunately, this behavior is not happening to me on the other pages I have with Airtable.

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