Help With Error, and to Reduce the code

Hey guys hows it going?
So 2 things

  1. There is a bunch of errors and I am not sure why, This Happened after I added a 2nd screen and moved everything over then ended up moving things back to screen 1 because i realized i didn’t nee the second screen

  2. Is there a way to use a list or some sort of array, to arrange bricks, a set of 5 per row or something? I Have like 30 bricks i had to set the X and Y axis for. I feel like i can reduce the code.

Have you tried to select the components again from the Dropdown menu? If that doesn’t solve your problem, just disconnect and connect your blocks again with the yellow part.

Yes I have. Thank You. I did Reconnect and select The components from the dropdown menu. it didn’t work.

That’s interesting, try the followings:

  1. Select an another component from the Dropdown

  2. Select the correct component from the Dropdown

I have done this as well. It still isnt working. i Feel like this should resolve it self since the components are correct

It worked for me to drag in a new remove block and select the same sprite. But I couldn’t get it to work with the existing remove blocks you have. You’ll have to replace them all. I’m not sure why that is. Same thing with the set blocks.


Also, I think you can do something like this:

To set all sprite’s x positions to 110. And then you could use math blocks to set the y positions. It looks like you’re spacing them 60 pixels apart so it would be a matter of multiplying 60 by the sprite’s index (you’d need a counter variable or a loop that already has that) and adding whatever base value (y=0, y=50, wherever it starts). A bit more complicated but probably doable.

Edit: Just realized you’d not setting all brick x positions to 110. So you’ll need the more complicated math formula to achieve this.


Thank You and that sucks.

Thank You for The J List thing, I Think It should help


So i Did A Combination of both the steps and it worked.

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