Using Logic blocks "and" & Set sprite's X/Y

I am Using the #Logic blocks “and” inside the Set Sprite’s X/Y and i am not sure what is going on, Its just not working.
I have used the #ListBlocks as well but That as well wasn’t working.
Any Thoughts guys?

What is it you’re trying to do?

And why do you have the set x and set y blocks outside of the conditional if blocks?

I don’t think it’s possible to set multiple sprites’ positional values the way you’ve done it, using a single set x or set y block. You’d need to use a loop for that and reference each sprite individually.

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Its to arrange the blocks in an organized manner, so i don’t need them in the “if than else” blocks at least I don’t think i do.

Like I said, the problem is that you can’t set multiple sprites’ positional values (x,y) that way. You’ll need to do it one at a time. Try that first and make sure it works. Then, create a loop to set all of their values.

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