Help on grouping in database and authentication for different groups of users


I have a question about the use of firebase for authentication, and airtable for database in thunkable.
I am trying to build a inventory system for a clothing dealership.

In firebase, how can I group users according to their companies. They would like to set authorisation levels for different employees.

In design tab in Data Viewer List in thunkable, how can i set different airtable database for each dealers? They will have same categories, such as top, jeans, etc., And inside each categories, they will have same fields, such as size, colour, etc. However, the information will be different for each dealers and would prefer not to mix up their data, for confidentiality.

Thanks in advance :grinning: :+1:

Hi @chenhan.lee3t05r

Can you use different views in your Airtable to filter which content should be displayed to which user?