(solved) How to add users to a group or team

I have to make an app for a school project. This app is supposed to be for a relay race. my question is how can I add users to a team/group and display all the people in this group in one of the screens.

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A few topics to explore:

  1. Data Sources (Add, get)
  2. Data list Viewer
    or you could use the realtime firebase db (which I find to be more reliable), but it a little ore difficult to understand.

Happy Thunking

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can you explain a bit more on the firebase database?

you can also do it with cloud variable

I could see several ways to do this. Can you describe the app a little more?


In airtable, create 2 tables.

Table 1 - “teams”

Table 2 - “members”

Screen 1

dashboard or some kind of entry point to the app
Maybe an overview of the teams with info about the event?

Screen 2

screen to register users
When screen opens, get all team names from airtable and display in a list.

Users must choose their team then enter their names

Save entry in airtable ‘members” table with properties “name” and “team”

Screen 3

Get all teams from airtable
Display in a list
User makes a choice and goes to screen 4

Screen 4

screen to display all team memebers.
Maybe click a member to see more info.