Help me with the blocks appropriate

I already search about this and still i have difficulty creating my app for making a list of task with average daily amount of time spending doing them…for example, i want to input the minutes or hour i spend sleeping then computing my average daily.i have the math block of “+” and i think it is the reason why my app goes error when opened…

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Please help me…im a beginner but i already knew some concept since i already made 1 app created by me of which i am proud…i want to create this because as a student i want to track my average amount of time spending certain task.

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Try switching textbox1. numbers only with text

Hello tnx for replying @kartik_old…i tried your suggestion but still the same error occurs…can you help me with this…i have a question "is it possible that we can add the value of variables to a value from a text we input from the textbox??"this what makes me curious…i think this may be the starting solution to this problem

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Can you explain more clearly? I can’t get you…

First thing to note is that you posted your question on the Thunkable X discussion, while your blocks are clearly styled after the Classic Thunkable.
Classic and X are different environment, with different features and functions.

Second thing I notice is that you assign “Label3.Text” to be “TextBox1.NumbersOnly”.
TextBox1.NumbersOnly is the current configuration of TextBox1. Its value is either TRUE or FALSE, and it defines if TextBox1 is restricted to accept only digits or if letters and other non numeric characters are allowed. If you want to transfer the content of TextBox1, you have to call it TextBox1.Text.

Then, you set your initial value of ‘global sleep’ to " ". Either a zero size string or a single blank – hard to tell directly from the block, they would look pretty much the same until you click in it and see if it include one blank space or not. But the fact that the error message mentions “* empty-string *” is a good indication that it is zero size string.
But you then proceed to add this empty string to TRUE. What are you expecting to get besides an error?

Fix 1: replace the initialisation of global sleep so that it is set to 0. Use the math block to find the number token, it is blue as is the + addition function

Fix 2: set Label3.Text to TextBox1.Text, not to TextBox1.NumbersOnly

Fix 3: in Screen1.Initialize, set the “value If Tag Not There” to 0, not to empty string.

All 3 fixes are required.