How to write in text input and return on label?

Hi guys, i create 2 text input and under them one label…
So i want write “1” in the first text imput and “5” on the second text imput, the label need return 6 because 1+5=6 (LOL!!!) but i don’t know how to do this. Its possible? (I prefer not create a button to do this calculation)

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If you don’t want to make a button you have to use enter as a trigger in the textbox. You can use this extension for that because it is not a standard block.


Download TaifunTextbox extension (aix file)

So i download this and upload this file in my app on thunkable, but i dont have ideia how to use (this extension on my app)… I see in other videos how to do, but its old videos… help me please =(
And if are possible to show me how to put the blocks too?


Hello @db82203608aa4b
Here is some screenshots and a sample AIA file to show you, How you can put the blocks! :grinning:

Download AIA : CtSample01AIA.aia (18.7 KB)

//Ct tricks

Here is “my thunkable” i cant drop the archive in the screen… what i am doing wrong?

You are in the wrong category. You posted in Classic but you are using X. Changed your category.


Ops, now i understand the difference… thanks Peter…
In the X category can’t use extensions? And to use classic i need sign thunkable?

there are no extensions in thunkable x currently


regarding your question. you could use a timer to set off every 0.1 seconds and check inputs, run the calculation and then display it


Here is your solution



I try with in “

But i dont know why my label dont return anything… can help please?
and why in the label are showing “NaN”? its possible show nothing?

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click on the timer (below the screen) and set loops to true

It shows NaN because you have entered nothing.

Make a simple if statement, and make it set text if label text is = to NaN

Here is what i mean :slight_smile:

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You CRUSH ma friend!
Thanks so much!!! :wink:


Hi guys, my question is simple but my problem is still big for me !!
I will explain exactly what I need now
In the first column, I need to sum all of them and show in the last label … (all column’s need this, but if i learn how to in one, will can do in others i think)

At this moment i think learning how to do this i will can do anything i need …

So in column 1, you want to type a number lets say “5” and in column 2 you want to type another number, lets say “1” and in column 3 give the answer “6”


In column 1 you want to type “5+1” and in column 2/3/4 show answer “6”

This is what i am seeing it as. can you explain where exactly the inputs are by drawing with pen tool or something?



ignore all that i can see now i think what you mean. sorry thunkable had a banner over the image at the bottom.

you want all the inputs from column 1 added together and display them at the very bottom under the same column?

Yes think this…

We put 9 numbers… example:


the sum is 25120
so the last label will show 25120.

and do you want this for every column? are they all addition yes?

thanks for confirming that

Yes, the first and second we will put the numbers… the third and fourth will show the results later…

The final will be

Third column will do a math: (1text imput/total from first column)*total from second column

okay so does column 1 and 2 act almost as 1 column? so we can say column 1 and column 2 are being added together? i dont understand what you mean by showing the results in 2 other columns if there can only be 2 number outputs and not 18.

I will post a picture with a full example later… give me 30 minutes max plz

yeah no worries.