Adding variables for input txt

I have tried adding two variables from text input using the round work around and for some reason it doesn’t work. Does anyone know of any other work arounds?


The workaround of setting variables from the text inputs and then using the variables as numbers is what I usually suggest and it appears that that is what you are doing. Can you create a small example of what is failing and share a screen shot of the blocks?

Thanks in advance.


Thanks for the quick reply Mark Here is one of my senarios simple password protection:

The comparison of “=” or “not =” to 1021 does not work and always defaults to “not =” loop no even when the input txt is 1021.

I also have similar issues with lists made from numeric txt entered from txt input and trying to add them with results showin “NaN”


I figured it out. The list i was creating had comma seperations. those commas were causing issues. instead I used text list with the round and it worked


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