Help me with speech recognizer blocks

I’m new in this site and I need help to configurate the blocks. I would like to make what was written on the label coming from the voice recorder be limited to what I put in the list. But I can’t . Can someone help me?


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If you could elaborate more on your requirement, and show us what you have tried yet, It would help us a lot understand it.

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I want to have only what is on this list “pass” so that it moves to screen 3, because as it is configured in the image, any word is pointing to screen 3. Understanded? Thanks for answering!

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I got you -
If any item of list contains Label1's text, navigate to Screen2. - Right?

If yes, this could help you -


What it does, is checks weather label 1's text is present in the list or not, just as you want.

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Ok, I will test. Thanks a lot!!

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Yep, test it, and report here :+1:

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It didn’t work.

Before compiling the blocks, you need to clearly describe the task. Take a piece of paper and write on it a condition under which you need to perform an action, for example,

If the user entered the word “hi” or “hello”, then go to screen3

After that, make blocks according to your condition.

I need certain words spoken on the recorder and generated on the label to be accepted and then go to screen 3. Ex: If the person speaks “Hi”, she will go to screen 3, if she says, "Hey, she won’t go to screen 3. But I don’t know which blocks to use and where to use them. Are you guys understanded?

I dont know how to make the blocks. This is my problem.

Hey @12345671 here’s a quick tutorial that explains the blocks and a sample project that you can remix yourself to use as a reference:

Remix link:


Thanks for the video!! But I did EXACLTY the same what you did on the link and my app didnt work. The color dont change like yours.

Sorry to hear that @12345671 - if you just copy and live test my project does it work?

Are you using Android or iOS to test this?

I copied your project to test and it worked, but when I assemble the blocks with the same information on another screen or in my original project, it doesn’t work, the letters don’t change color. I am using android.

Mind sharing a screenshot of your blocks so please?


Its exactly what you did

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I bet that your delimiter is “” instead of " " @12345671 :smiley:

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The fixer! :muscle: @domhnallohanlon

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I didnt understand, sorry.