Group Container behavior fails

Hi i Am running testflight for a new app.
I am using Iphone 8 and my colleague Iphone 13

When opening the app and the play area the behavior of the Group component is different
In Iphone 8 it is showing as it shuld whilst in iphone 13 group components are on top of eachother in different layers.

I am also a bit frustraitet why the Thunkable Live version differs so Much from what is actually run through Testflight (and also when published)

any ideas on those two topics?

Hello Stefan,
Could you please share a screenshot from iPhone 8?
Also could you please share in a personal message, the project URL with us so we can investigate it further?

So this is from Apple Iphone 8 Pro
The problem occurs now with the Iphone 13 which it did not in previous releases…
can be only me with this problem right ??
Link will come - How would you like it - The chat seems not work any longer… ???

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Hello @stefansladdeneng1
I checked your app. I think the problem is that the GroupOperands has Resize Mode: Float in Place but the other groups have Resize Mode: Stretch. Could you please try to change the Resize Mode to Stretch? Please let me know if it worked.