Screen differs in Apple devices

Dear Thunkable team -
I really need some help
After showing perfectly well, it does not when launched in App Store
On Suggestion i did try the very time consuming project to test the beta version of Layout - unsuccessfully. So i went back to use “Group” and and made a testflight release - my problems disappeared. So i made a silent launch to App Store

iPhone 8 and
iPad Pro 11 - looks fine, but in
iPhone 13 the screen is messed up.

I need your help to find a solution for this… (Am i the only one getting this error?
Please advice.
Best regards

Hello @stefansladdeneng1
Thank you for sharing all of these details.
Which option do you select in the Group’s Resize mode?

Appreciate you try
But should not the result be the same in all phones regardless? And inthe ipad as well?

All groups (4) on this page are set to Float in Place. Working fine in all but iPhone 13
Can it really be possible that i am the one who experience this problem?

No new ideas? Or are you investigate this now perhaps…? Just so i know

Hello @stefansladdeneng1
Based on the screenshot you provided, I asked you to test the Resize mode because is something that I thought might help. Unfortunately, I don’t have an iPhone 13 so I can test more solutions and see if one of these works.
I have some ideas that I would suggest you try one at a time.

  1. try to add all the components into one group (remove other groups)
  2. add a group outside of all the components and wrap all the groups inside
  3. select Resize mode Stretch in all the Groups

Let me know if one of these works.

Hi all
No i am really confused and actually not very satisfied.
I tried all different things suggested without any luck.
As a last chance i took away all the “groups” and hoped for the better
but…still works in iphone 8 and iphone 13 is still messed up like in the attached image.
since the error is similar each time i wonder if there is a cash problem in your end ? (or mine - but i emptied mine several times…)

So far i have had some excellent support and suggestions in what to do…
But i think that this have excalated to something bigger now.
And again i must ask - is it only me having these issues?
Please look into this carefully and advice…
Thank you…

Hello @stefansladdeneng1!
I am sorry that your issue hasn’t been resolved.
I will need some time to investigate this further.
About your question, I haven’t seen an issue like this before or spoken with someone with the same issue.

Dear Ioannis,
Just for your informatrion - I would be extreemely grateful for havng this topic escalated upwards.
As it is really frustratiung not being able to launch the Mathrix App properly.
Anything don from you and will be very much appreciated…
Best regards

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I understand that is important to launch your app.
I am still investigating the issue.
I will follow up when I have an update. Thank you!