Display Error iphone 8, 13 and Thunkable live

Deear Team
Huge difference in how spps are displayed
Iphone 8 is the wide image
iphone 13 is the narrow
And thunk live is the last one, used in a iphone 8

Can you please sdvice and also let me know about the frustrating behavior of thunk live…???
Wuite big psymen a month and very difficult to use effectively….
Hope for help

Hey @stefansladdeneng1! Are all of the phones used for testing using the latest version of Thunkable Live?

Hey, No…
The iphone 8 is used for testing in Thunkable Live.
The Iphone 13 images is after releasing to TestFlight
Of the images i sent, Both iphone 8 and 13 are images of Mathrix in testflight
I do not run Thunkable Live in any other phone than my own phone…
Any clearer ??
The annoying bit is all the differences and especially Th Live vs Testflight

It was the same behavior in my other app STRUL…

Just to confirm, this image is the iphone 8 on Thunkable Live or Testflight?

:smiley: - Nope - That is Iphone 13 - Testflight
Sorry for being unclear

You might have that one box set to “Float in place” instead of “Stretch”.

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Well the problem does not occur in Iphone 8 but in iphone 13…
Should it not be the same behavior

The method I was referring to was for Drag and drop. It looks like you’re using STP which I’m only a little familiar with. I hope someone can solve this for you. Good luck.

Ps my other app STRUL work quite well
Without any trouble like this…,