Google sign in using pop up

Hello thunkable community,
Is there any easy way for google sign up using pop up in thunkable drag and drop feature,
please also tell the procedure to use and implement it in your reply.
I am talking about this pop up:Image

Please read the docs and forum before posting questions.

I have tried this earlier in my previous app, but was not succeed,
i will try again for my this app.

Does i have to full these spaces or leave blank?

And one more query, does i need to first build the whole app and then take the package name and sha-certificate or i can take the package name and sha-certificate by downloading app, without completing it fully and continue editing.

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Please someone solve this query, i also have the same question.

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Thankyou @jared,
I read the documentation you provided and also seen a youtube video for help,
And i think i have done all the things required for it, but there is still an error, can u please help

WhatsApp Image 2023-06-27 at 12.31.07 PM (1)

And by seeing the error in phone, i think this error is related to privacy

Please tell the solution

Can anyone please solve my query

I finally downloaded my app, but when i clicked on sign in, the pop up appeared, but after selecting the id, it shows this error:

Please tell the solution for it

Hello thunkable community
please help me with this error.
I had stopped working on this app from that time. but now working again.
Please help me with this error

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