Google sheets update only once

Hi all, I have a simple program to update a cell in a google sheet by 1 for each time the submit button is clicked.
The issue I have is that it works the first time I click submit but then does not work the next time I click submit.

I have set a variable for “CurrentCycles”
when it is clicked Thunk gets the value from the google sheet and assigns the variable (works the first time) lets say it is “1”
Then I change the variable by 1 and update the cell in the sheet (again works the first time no problem)
I display it on my app so I can see what the variable is at the end of the code block, the app displays “2”
The I click submit again and I would assume that it would check the sheet for the current number which is now “2” and add another to make it “3”
However the program just maintains “1” in the variable and does not increment the google sheet. It also of course displays “1” in the message box on the app.

I am sure it’s something silly but I just can’t get it to work!!!

Any help appreciated

There is a known issue with the “get value” block. See this: Google Sheets data source doesn't update every time - #6 by matt_conroy

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