Google Map - add multiple markers

Getting this


Would appreciate if you could throw more light on how this can be accomplished

@sysads - In your table you have the lon/lat set to single line text. Try changing this to numbers with a higher decimal count and enable negatives.

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I had a bad feeling that would be the issue but still stuck to the sample provided. Yes this fixed the issue. Thanks

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hey @albert is possible get image from airtable, and show on de description of any marke! thanks

Here’s the image of the Airtable – hope this helps!


@albert i mean in blocks how can i in the map mark description show a airtable image

Got it – I think it only accepts text for the map marker description unfortunately. Hopefully we’ll be able to support images in the marker descriptions in a future update!


@albert Is it possible when I click on any mark on the map to send the image in airtable to image component?