Google Map - add multiple markers

why is not possible to add multiple markers from json (or Airtable, RealtimeDB), this is a very big limitation.

Please Please fix it natively without WebViewer and javascript.

Let me know, thanks



Add more markers by using the “addMarker” block in the loop on the desired marker data list.

I dont get it.
Were can you find the marker list? or how do you make one?

Same problem here… When I add more than 1 marker it displays a white screen (crashes).

Same here, only a white screen on both android and Os

If you give me a link to your project, then I’ll try to help you.

If you give me a link to your project, then I’ll try to help you too.

Hi there,

Here’s a link to a share copy for an app that maps trees. This is crashing on Android but works for iOS.

The backend data is a simple Airtable spreadsheet

Hope this helps!


Very good Albert thanks again … so we just wait Android fix. We love this platform because in the same time we make both OS so it’s better release this feature in my apps (for examples) when both will be ok.


Thank you very much Albert! :grin::+1:

Hello, this is great. How do i do some just like this on thunkable android classic since android on thunkable x crashes. thanks

I know this is an Old Post, but I noticed that Android crashing problem has not been answered. Apologies if I missed just wanted to put out there that if you change the get columns block to get all rows and use the add marker Within the for each block it worked for my android.

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I was going to bump it as well. Any info from the Team? Seems we are told they are being worked on yet a year later we have seen new features while others sit broken? @albert

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I just tried this myself but app still crashing.



Uncaught Error: Error while updating property ‘coordinate’ of a view managed by: AIRMapMarker

Are you sure that the rows are in the correct data? Always check the data for correctness and process in error blocks. Otherwise, the application will often fall and produce errors.

This is my data:

What data is shown in the Rows block?

What do you mean by what data? All are text

You can in Label display the data that is in the rows?

I am just trying that now but showing [object Object]. Let me try getting the json