How to add image in map mark description?

hello i’m creating an app that has a map with multiple tags. and needed help when i click on the mark the airtable image appears in the description! or by clicking on the mark the image appears outside the map in the image component! :pray:

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At the moment the description is text-only, so you’ll have to go for the second option here…

You can do this with a variable and a list of the images you want to display.

Thankyou you have some tutorial?

I don’t, sorry Fernando - but if you have some blocks to share I’m happy to offer you some pointers.

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Hi @Fernando_Matos,

Here is a little sample app that will display an image based on the marker selected inthe map.

This method works fine if you only have a few images.

If you have more than that, I’d recommend implementing a list - which I’ll work on doing right now and I’ll update this comment when it’s completed :smile:

@jane well i can’t follow the example in my project because i created a marker for each rows in airtable and what i want and when i click on a marker to appear in the image component the photo of that row

please help

Here is a tutorial where I explain how to work with an Airtable spreadsheet to display images in your app when a marker is pressed.


What I need is to bring a picture in description bubble (on map). At least different color of marker (not only red). Is it possible? Or does someone willing to do this?


It is theoretically possible to create an Image component on top of a map component, but this will work for a static map that does not scroll and does not scale

Thanks. What about the color of markers or change the icon of markers?

Some time ago, I and other users made a request that was related to the expansion of the Map component functionality. Unfortunately, I can’t say anything more about this.

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If they didnt even listen you, they will not listen me too. But there must be something that we can make hear our voices. We cannot demand to change everything with a flick. Nobody has that much time. But something important for whole community we can come out with a survey or pool. (if its possible to do) what do you think?

You can request features using the dedicated public GitHub repository.